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Can you help me buy a new piece of business equipment? Can you help me buy a business from a retiring family member? How can I structure my financing to grow my company? How much will it cost to borrow money?

We know that your business is unique, and that you have specific needs around financing your business. Alongside our partners, we have developed financing options to meet your business goals. Unsure what type of financing you need? Start with a business consultation with our friendly and experienced business advisor. We are your partner in growing, every step of the way.

We offer debt financing through our Community Futures Sunshine Coast loan program, and equity financing through our partners Rhiza Capital and the Coast Community Investment Co-op.


Community Futures
Loan Program

Small business loans
Community Futures has provided business loans on the Sunshine Coast for more than 30 years. We believe that successful entrepreneurs come from many different backgrounds. We often work with entrepreneurs who are not eligible for traditional bank borrowing.

We lend between $5,000 and $150,000. In combination with other partners, we can arrange loans for more than $150,000. Business owners who demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, and certified B-Corps are eligible for reduced interest rates. Read about social enterprise here. We review your personal credit situation and make decisions based strongly on character.

The first step in getting a loan is a free one hour business consultation (over the phone or in person) with our Business Advisor.

Our financing has helped local entrepreneurs:

  • Start or expand a business 
  • Apply new technology to a business  
  • Upgrade a business’ facilities and/or equipment 
  • Develop new products and services 
  • Access new markets

Read about some of our clients here…

Download your loan application documents here.

We also have a loan program specifically for entrepreneurs with disabilities, and one focused on fast-tracking the move toward solar electricity on the Sunshine Coast.

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP)
Entrepreneurs on the Sunshine Coast are diverse, and creative people from all possible backgrounds. We want all our entrepreneurs to be able to access the financing they need- regardless of their possible health or disability challenges. Community Futures Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) provides private coaching and financing options to Entrepreneurs with ongoing health issues or disabilities who want to start, grow, or buy a business. For more information, visit the provincial Community Futures website. While this program is provincially-based, it compliments our team here on the Sunshine Coast who are ready to work with you in person.

Bright Solar
Community Futures and Olson Electric have partnered up to help fast track commercial buildings on the Sunshine Coast move to solar power. Financing through Community Futures is made easier thanks to Olson Electric, providing when needed, credit security to back a loan to purchase solar panels. For more information on the Bright Solar program, contact us.

Rhiza Capital
Rhiza Capital is a joint initiative between Community Futures Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Credit Union and Powell River Community Investment Corporation. These partners have joined forces to raise local capital for local investment, in a model of impact investing. Rhiza Capital opens new financing options for businesses on the Sunshine Coast which add economic, social, and financial value to our community. Rhiza Capital grows our local economy and healthy community by connecting root capital to impact ventures. A hallmark of impact investing is the commitment of the investor to measure and report the social and environmental performance and progress of underlying investments, ensuring transparency and accountability while informing the practice of impact investing and building the field.

You may be interested in equity funding, rather than debt funding, if your business would benefit from additional community support and a flexible repayment.

Rhiza Capital also seeks qualified investors to grow its pool of funds. A range of dividends are projected based on risk and potential performance of the three Rhiza Capital portfolios.

For more information, visit Rhiza Capital website or contact Rhiza Capital CEO Brian Smith

Coast Community Investment Co-op
The Coast Community Investment Co-op offers flexible equity financing to community based projects that create social and environmental impacts on the Sunshine Coast. An example of a similar organization is Knives and Forks in Vancouver. The Co-op does not give grants, and invests in projects which show promise of financial viability. For more information about how to join as a member, or apply for financing from the Co-op, please contact visit the Co-op website. Join us for our next Co-op investors night (internal events link). Members can expect to earn financial dividends on their shares over time.

Put your money where your life is.

Become a member of our Coast Community Investment Co-op for $2,500. Find out more here!


Other Funding

There are many other sources of funding for entrepreneurs beyond the Community Futures Loan Program, and Rhiza Capital.

Front Fundr helps early stage entrepreneurs raise capital through an equity crowdfunding platform.

Visit website

Wayblaze is the Sunshine Coast answer to crowd funding. The website makes it easy to start a campaign and accept donations or loans for your project.

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If you are a woman, you may be able to access small business loans through The Women’s Enterprise Centre up to $150,000. Their website is loaded with useful resources on all aspects of business development. We are especially impressed with their compilation of funding sources for British Columbia businesses (available to both men and women).

Visit website

Futurpreneur offers debt financing and a mentorship program for eligible aspiring business owners age 18–39.

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